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Youth Uniting Nations™

Global Scribes Inc. is a For Youth, By Youth Non-Profit (501(c)3) designed to build an empowered virtual community through the beauty of the written word & creative expression. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, it is a progressive social network of engaged youth sparking innovation & collaboration, turning ideas & aspirations into reality, while building life experiences & meaningful relationships.

Our youth interact across diverse media platforms free from politics, religion & socio-demographic segregation.
We are Youth Uniting Nations®.

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Your school provides education. Your NonProfit, Your NGO, provides homes, medical care, food, water, rescue, scholarship, transportation, agricultural tools, nets, rods, building supplies, animal care, natural resources, manpower–anything and everything.

Global Scribes™ provides a usable social resource for all educational, non-profit & NGO organizations. We are building a multi-dimensional space for interplay and interaction, offering your constituents a virtual place to come together to develop global friendships and embrace cultural knowledge. A place free from politics, from religious discussion, free from socio-economic stresses of any kind, where all youth can learn from one another and exchange ideas with one another. An added 'happiness' benefit for youth of any organization.

Please contact us to learn how we may collaborate to foster a better world. [email protected]

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Heartfelt Gratitude

for believing in our mission: Youth Uniting Nations™ and for contributing your time, positive energy and happiness to 'Letters to the World'!

Sponsors and Collaborators

EQUALS Internet Society SAP Next-Gen Injaz Iss Tbchocolatia hatherleigh anow Reading Glass Project Atlas Corps Global Citizens Association Youth Map CGLA
  • Richard Civita
  • Allan Planchard
  • Susan Beer
  • Julie McLeod
  • Nelson Bevard
  • Wilfred Tremblay
  • Viraj Abayarathna
  • William Lee Rogers
  • Aaron Sherinian
  • Tracy Clark Holman
  • Shlomo Soleiman
  • Cole Percival
  • Sergio Fernández de Córdova
  • Russel Fair
  • Zain Habboo
  • Stephen Peiris
  • Marion Mariathasan
  • Orson Scott Card
  • Philip Geier
  • Patty Sullivan O'Keefe
  • Cathy Ali Stone
  • Jack Barbour
  • Cathleen Foley
  • Bryan Collins
  • Edward Chaney
  • John Morgan
  • Kim Moke
  • Martina Perisa
  • Jennifer Koenig
  • Barbara Thorson
  • Sam Crawford
  • Patricia Canavan
  • Cissie Sullivan
  • Joseph Lopina
  • Lana Shaw
  • Kathy & Bruce Harter
  • Catherine Ostheimer
  • Zdenka Viets
  • Mitchell Anthony Meyer
  • Sarah Stevens
  • Sundeep Chanana
  • DonaldToothman
  • Nicholas Alexander
  • Alan Muskat
  • Jason Caesar Teetz
  • Trisha Duval
  • Trevor Rivkin
  • Tony Severo
  • Charlotte Santomero
  • Dale Jennings
  • Susi Gott-Seguret
  • Amos Norris
  • Whitney Stevenson
  • Caroline Klinkmueller
  • William Peterson
  • Nan Lineberry
  • Mary Ann Hoffman
  • Zachary Hynoski
  • Jacob Blackwell
  • Marija Perisa
  • Taylor Toothman Sulkowski
  • Sam Lennon
  • Remy Maccioli
  • Debbie Delponti
  • Gay Schaye
  • Shannon Campbell

& a special thanks to all of our GS Concept Camp – Greensboro, NC – global scribes who came, played and gave their creative ideas!