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Youth Uniting Nations™

Global Scribes Inc. is a For Youth, By Youth Non-Profit (501(c)3) designed to build an empowered virtual community through the beauty of the written word & creative expression. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, it is a progressive social network of engaged youth sparking innovation & collaboration, turning ideas & aspirations into reality, while building life experiences & meaningful relationships.

Our youth interact across diverse media platforms free from politics, religion & socio-demographic segregation.
We are Youth Uniting Nations®.

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Global Scribes™- Parents

As parents/caregivers we strive to strike a balance in our involvement in our child’s pursuits and responsibilities. When to hover and when to hold back, becomes a question we constantly ask ourselves. When our children commit to something, such as Global Scribes™ (“GS”), there is a desire to help and remind them to meet deadlines, fulfill commitments and maximize the experience to the benefit of all involved.

The parent portal will help you provide support for your child who has chosen to be a part this dynamic organization.

  • Provide an overview about Global Scribes™
  • Help you understand your child’s opportunity and commitment
  • Provide a general sense of the time commitment and schedule considerations for your child
  • How you can get involved!

As parents/caregivers we strive to strike a balance in our involvement in our child’s pursuits and responsibilities. When to hover and when to hold back, becomes a question we constantly ask ourselves. When our children commit to something, such as Global Scribes™ (“GS”), there is a desire to help and remind them to meet deadlines, fulfill commitments and maximize the experience to the benefit of all involved.

Please let us know if you think we need to add something to this section, as we are happy to receive your feedback and input! The more you know, the more you will understand the relevance and value of your child’s involvement with GS! [email protected]

Global Scribes™

Global Scribes Inc is a global youth driven 501c3 education initiative with a truly monumental objective--to contribute to world peace. In the interest of making the world of tomorrow a safer place for the youth of today Global Scribes facilitates healthy, culturally-enriching relationships within an environment free from politics, religion and socio-demographic segregation. www.globalscribes.org We focus on global journeys through the written word, visual arts, dynamic interaction, and consistent interplay across multiple virtual platforms–Fun, Education, Focused Passion and Play Intertwined. Our world needs more than a bandaid™

The Method

How does the GS mission translate into what Global Scribes™ is actually doing and how does your child fit in? Well, there are a variety of social media platforms through which our youth create, express and connect to one other as part of a growing global community.
They include:

  • Monthly GS Spark Word

    Each month, a word is chosen by different GS Youth Teams and posted on the GS site. People of all ages are invited to log in with email or Facebook, upload a photo, and post their reaction and association to that word. It is fun to see how many more similarities than differences there are as young people express themselves, sparked by just one word! There are options to write ½ page up to 2 pages or write in one’s native tongue and English, which provides an additional learning opportunity. Once the entries, referred to as “Letters to the World,” are shared and read, we are easily and naturally reminded of how connected we all are. A positive message for our children and one that will serve them well in the world! Check it out and write one yourself! Depending on the age of your child, a subtle reminder to post and share is welcome!
  • Youth-led Programs

    The idea is to have the youth lead and communicate across borders towards greater understanding, empathy, tolerance and enjoyment of other people, cultures and attitudes. GS accomplishes that through all the ways youth today share and exchange information which includes the GS YouTube Channel; GS: IM, Global Scribes™ International Music, Broadcast and Radio); GS Instagram; GS Pinterest; and Globalx .

If you hear your child seemingly talking to him or herself from behind closed doors at 8 a.m. on a Sunday morning (which may seem suspicious since most teens sleep in on weekends!)…… For all of the above platforms to optimally function and develop, various Skype and other meetings take place, and scheduling is up to the particular group. Those involved will be responsible for being present and prepared as well as engaged in the meetings for their initiative in addition to the follow-up and action agreed upon in the meeting. As each person is unique, some will be able to work within this framework in a nearly seamless manner, while others may benefit from follow up/questions as to meeting times and action items, followed by reminders – according to age and individual! Note that these groups are comprised of youth from throughout the world, thus varying time zones, so don’t be surprised if your child is on an early morning or night time call! As the younger children, early teens and those who live at home are often a part of a family’s overall plans and schedule, it helps to initiate communication with your child about GS scheduling and coordinating with family, school, and social obligations.


A GS pledge, if you will, is to respond in a timely manner and to send an acknowledgement of communication, so please encourage your child to do that. It is an absolute to the GS team, and while we all understand things may not always be handled or addressed immediately after receiving a communication, it is the GS protocol to simply acknowledge receipt, even if it is with a simple one-word response. GS is teaching that not only is this respectful of one another, it is a necessity for a virtual team since you won’t be bumping into one another in the hallway! Please encourage your child to do this, as it is important to the organization as well as a good lesson for your child!

  • School Clubs

    GS is a natural for schools. The overall value proposition and the various platforms are an attractive addition to any school environment throughout many age/grade levels. A thorough packet is available. Please contact [email protected]. One of our GS Team will contact you to provide our GS School Packet for you that can be submitted to schools that students/youth and adults/parents may wish to bring into the GS community. GS makes for an ideal school club and fits in nicely with a school’s character education and youth development skill set for its students. Encourage your child to be the first to bring GS to his/her school or to any school of a friend, family member – within or outside their area. If your child takes on the duty of leading this effort, they will learn and develop excellent skills and also feel a great sense of accomplishment and self-confidence as an added benefit. Both you and your child can spread the word and expand the school network on a local and global basis! And it can be as simple as contacting your child’s teacher, administrator, counselor or principal and asking for a meeting. The GS school packet provides information and simple recommendations on club set up and facilitation.


It is likely that you will easily understand the benefit of your child’s participation in GS and the various connecting, creative platforms that promote global citizenship and leadership skills that will have a life-lasting positive impact on the personal and professional life of a young person. We welcome your impressions and testimonies so that we may share them with other parents.

It may be helpful for us to recap some of the many positive benefits below, and – again – we’d like to have you and your child’s input to add to the list. Seeing gifts and being grateful is the first step!

  • Acquire strong leadership skills and strength
  • Establish and cultivate friendships with youth peers throughout the world
  • Become part of a global community
  • Develop and fine-tune interpersonal communication skills
  • Ignites self-empowerment!
  • Broaden awareness of other people, cultures and places
  • Develop greater time-management skills
  • Increase ability to be a thriving, productive and accountable member of a team
  • Develop presentation skills
  • Learn how to be an effective, inspiring team leader
  • Gain and practice networking skills
  • Enhance outreach capabilities, regardless of language and cultural differences
  • Drive a project from start to finish
  • Build and lead a team, and develop the skills necessary to do so in a most successful way/li>
  • Have the opportunity to take charge of programs, outreach and activities
  • Hone skills that will have useful application in personal and professional life
  • Fine tune technical and social media capabilities, knowledge and use
  • Opportunity to be a leader and be the first to establish a GS club within your school community
  • Yes! GS can be counted as community service, looks good on your transcript and resume AND it looks even better on YOU as you grow and contribute to the human community and increased global understanding and citizenship!,

GS Quick Facts

  • Website address www.globalscribes.org
  • Founder – Cynthia English
  • UNESCO Club
  • Endorsed by Ministry of Education of Jordan; National Youth Commission of the Philippines; Secretary - General’s Envoy of Youth of the United Nations
  • Current countries represented: 58+ countries, including: UK, Germany, Jordan, South Korea, India, Kenya, Russia, The Philippines, Nigeria, Morocco, Turkey, Greece, Zambia, Uganda, US, South Africa,
  • Age Range: 8-25
  • Logo – nib and compass
  • Contact info to get more involved is [email protected]
  • Contribute to building GS platforms: www.globalscribes.org/GIVING

GS Contact List: At-a-Glance