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Youth Uniting Nations™

Global Scribes Inc. is a For Youth, By Youth Non-Profit (501(c)3) designed to build an empowered virtual community through the beauty of the written word & creative expression. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, it is a progressive social network of engaged youth sparking innovation & collaboration, turning ideas & aspirations into reality, while building life experiences & meaningful relationships.

Our youth interact across diverse media platforms free from politics, religion & socio-demographic segregation.
We are Youth Uniting Nations®.

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Our Vision

An empowered and engaged global youth population steering toward peace, unity and continuity with enlightened knowledge, understanding and respect for Humanity, Nature and our World in all its diversity. We believe our vision is integral to human progress and a thriving world.

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Our Values

Global Scribes Inc. is a For Youth, By Youth Non-Profit (501(c)3) designed to build an empowered virtual community through the beauty of the written word & creative expression. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, it is a progressive social network of engaged youth sparking innovation & collaboration, turning ideas & aspirations into reality, while building life experiences & meaningful relationships. Our youth interact across diverse media platforms free from politics, religion & socio- demographic segregation. We are Youth Uniting Nations®.

Friendship. We value friendship. We cherish meeting new people and making friends all over the world. We don’t see politics or religion, we see a person (Scriber - Altana Namsarayeva).

Humanity (Ubuntu). We believe that we are all inextricably bound by our shared humanity, and that each individual has inherent dignity and worth (Nelson Mandela & Desmond Tutu).

Compassion & Care. We lift each other up by fostering an empowering and caring community where every youth can feel supported.

Creativity. We also believe that creativity is intelligence having fun (Albert Einstein). Global Scribes provides a safe haven for creative expression, trial and error, and discovering talents and passions.

Connectivity. We believe in harnessing social technology for youth to connect and thrive, using it as a springboard to establish and deepen global friendships.

Happiness. As fluid and undefinable as happiness is, we are Youth Uniting Nations, better together, on a continual pursuit of individual and collective happiness and evolution.

Trust. We are built on a solid foundation of trust and transparency among our youth, governance, partners and key stakeholders. Trust is vital for our continued growth and sustainability.

Ethics, Etiquette & Respect. Our golden rules of no politics, no religion and no socio-demographic segregation are fueled by a compelling passion to allow youth to learn to hold themselves and others in high-esteem first, to form their own views and respect their own instincts based upon education, communication and interaction.

We are a UNESCO Club. We are
Global Scribes: Youth Uniting Nations™
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*Please note: Global Scribes™ reserves the right to not publish or to remove any 'share' deemed inappropriate for our constituents.
**English is the Universal Language–so best you can!–and sharing native languages is encouraged–.


Who We Are

Cynthia English - CEO & Founder

Founder & Visionary for Global ScribesTM, Cynthia has devoted her time since 2014 to moving Global ScribesTM forward through its’ evolution, in its mission, in the Beta phase & toward 100% funding to bring her global vision to life on its’ virtual platform. She has had a life-long interest in world people & their cultures & seeks to share her values.

Cynthia spent the first 22 years of her diverse career in the fashion industry traveling worldwide sourcing vendors, managing manufacturing, shopping stores for inspiration & overseeing product design, as well as buying for retail stores, on behalf of some of the largest global fashion brands. She has been responsible for businesses ranging in $volume from $4.0m to $86.0m in sales &/or inventory value.

Both a passionate writer at heart-having written her first book at age 8, "Ralph the Mouse" & an entrepreneur since the age of 21, her creative spirit began to take hold after leaving the corporate world behind. She opened a small interior design company, her apartment was highlighted on the New York Junior League Spring House Tours & she created great datesTM, a concept focused on building closer relationships through shared experience, which targeted multiple platforms including print, television & the internet. Great dates was picked up by the Hallmark Channel & then subsequently dropped when Crown Media shifted their opening strategy to classic re-runs.

Cynthia’s life continues to evolve as she explores cultural interchange in every corner of the globe- from climbing the pyramids of Tikal, Guatemala to inspecting vanilla vines in Bali to being a volunteer in Zambia for Habitat for Humanity to trekking over 800 km solo from St. Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela, across El Camino, St. James' Way. In an about-face from her high-glamour fashion roots, she learned how to survive with one change of clothing, the shoes on her feet (& her pink flip-flops), thus opening doors to an entirely new world of adventure brimming with freedom, more privilege & everyday miracles.

Cynthia graduated from the Marshall School, University of Southern California, with a degree in International Finance. Fortunate to attend the Aspen Writers Conference & Oxford University's School of Continuing Education for Creative Writing, she learned to champion criticism, stay unique & to keep striving to be better.

Taking inspiration from her many & widely varied adventures, she has had articles published in the United States & Europe, her first thriller novel was published in the United States in 2010 & she is now pursuing her childhood passion-writing & outreach. Cynthia heeds the impassioned plea of a young woman named Honig, whom she met on a train between Budapest & Bucharest–"please, never stop delivering world adventure to those unable to make the journeys themselves." And to this end, embracing the human dynamics & cultural riches she has known, she perseveres through life's lessons to provide powerful messages of love, acceptance of different & distinct lives & preservation of free spirit in all humanity, regardless of origin & culture through the current development of Global Scribes: Youth Uniting Nations the Phase III website launched in collaboration with The United Nations Foundation, The 92nd St Y & #GivingTuesday in November of 2014. Ms. English is also a member of the Board of Directors.

Ms. English has been recognized by The White House & the US State Department as a Global Entrepreneur, NAFSA as a guest speaker at their International Conference 2016, iEarn as a keynote speaker 2017, member of the PeaceTech Accelerator at the Peace Institute in Washington D.C 2017, awarded a spot at TEDx Waltham 2018, and interviewed on Global Connections TV at the UN Headquarters 2018.

Ethics, Etiquette & Respect. Our golden rules of no politics, no religion and no socio-demographic segregation are fueled by a compelling passion to allow youth to learn to hold themselves and others in high-esteem first, to form their own views and respect their own instincts based upon education, communication and interaction.

Stine Philipsen – Associate Global Director

Stine Philipsen is a bit of a ‘glomad’ (global nomad) undeniably driven by her infatuation with diversity, multiculturalism & children’s welfare. Her glomadic tendencies sparked very early in life; as a Danish youth growing up in an international environment in Brussels, a hub for many global entities including the EU, she was exposed to a curious world of diverse cultures & languages. Her childhood was the foundation of her pursuits for inspired work & life experiences across the globe.

Her career has included a broad spectrum of global youth experience. In child rights, she primarily focused on the theme of child protection & education, with meaningful experiences working with youth in critical contexts. Her work for a local nonprofit in South Africa entailed the provision of a play-&-learn program at under-resourced public schools in Cape T own’s townships–the program developed the psychosocial skills of students through sports & play with key components focusing on anti- racism, anti-bullying, collaboration & building common ground among students. Stine’s responsibilities included fundraising, reporting & partnership development which essentially resulted in her launching a soccer program at one of the partner schools in collaboration with a local soccer club. She was equally involved in launching a school library particularly targeted to Xhosa students to improve their reading & English skills.

She conducted independent research in Nicaragua for her MSc degree in International Development, investigating the needs & aspirations of street children as perceived by the children themselves. She taught English in a public high school in Colombia as part of a government initiative led by the Colombian Ministry of Education aspiring to create a “bilingual Colombia”, and then, returning to Europe, Stine became the Center Manager of a language travel center in Malta for 10-14-year-olds. Her international background paired with her patience & cultural understanding meant that Stine was able to manage her staff & suppliers & truly connect with her students from all over Europe, which was reflected in the end of summer evaluation, where the center achieved its highest staff & student satisfaction result in its history.

Over the course of her professional career, Stine has also been involved in research, policy & advocacy work. As Campaign Coordinator for Child Helpline International, she oversaw activities related to the advocacy campaign ‘Free Our Voices’ aiming to raise awareness about child helplines & the need for improved protection services & referral systems worldwide; she collected global data from 200+ helplines worldwide to bring the real stories & concerns of children to life, to shape policies & practices accordingly. Her work for the British Council’s EU Office revolved mainly around the strategic planning & implementation of its engagement strategy to strengthen European partnerships in a post-Brexit environment.

The driving factor behind Stine’s life & career choices has always been the devotion to support children & youth; to empower them to rise above their personal & circumstantial obstacles, & encourage them to achieve higher levels of personal development by setting themselves up for success; this lifelong vision is what brought her right into the arms of Global Scribes – this monumental youth movement perfectly in tune with Stine’s ideals of youth empowerment & interconnectedness; ultimately cultivating an influential pool of empathetic, conscientious global citizens with profound cultural understanding & aptitude for creative expression & entrepreneurial spirit that will enable them to be successful human beings who care for their environment & social communities at large. The ‘glomad’ has landed in a place which will fully utilize her foundation & propel her forward into limitless possibilities of scope for youth impact.

Leyla Mohammed – Business Development Director

Leyla is a self-confessed polymath with Progressive Education Mindfulness Training & Entrepreneurship at the core of her interests. Leyla is also a co-owner & Co-Founder of two Businesses in the Public Service field, dedicated to individual & community enrichment.

Beginning her career as an Account Manager for one of fashions giant beauty houses, Lancôme, Leyla threw herself into the beauty industry’s shrewd & demanding lifestyle. Eager to prove herself as a multifaceted forward thinker, she quickly saw herself climbing through the metaphorical corporate ladder whilst striving to study for her English Literature & Language degree & Diploma in Lifelong Learning. After six incredible years leading a team of dynamic business savvy & career driven women at the Iconic Chanel branch in Harrods, England...with multiple professions & side businesses under her belt–Holistic Practitioner, Teacher & Professional Make Up Artist (MUA)– Leyla knew it was time to venture out on her own.

Starting her string of entrepreneurial pursuits, striving to fail, live & learn, Leyla took the decision to relocate from London, England to Qatar to join a Non-Profit with its grassroots embedded in making a difference through Progressive Education & Human Development. Coming in as the Head of the International School Department. Leyla has enjoyed the success of implementing S.T.E.A.M focused multi-disciplinary educational programs into 20+ Qatari Private Schools, organizing larger than life International events & providing cross-cultural exchange to local & regional youth. She was also the first, in a 30-year history, covered woman, (in fact, the first woman) to co-host the largest global celebration of creativity for Destination Imagination. Inc. held in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA with an attendance of 18,000 participants. Continuing to keep her passions at play in equal measure. Leyla then switched direction to become the Head of the Business Development for AlFaisal Without Borders Foundation overseeing local, regional & international partnerships & funding. Leyla Is incredibly proud to be a part of GLOBAL SCRIBESTM. It is both a unique & immeasurable tool for youth across the globe in providing solace & creative 21st Century Skills in real-time to those who need it most.

Board of Directors

Julia Cissie Sullivan

Cissie Sullivan is an owner of Sullivan & Co, LLC at Meybohm Real Estate in Aiken, South Carolina. Cissie has led her team’s efforts in public relations, branding & sales, & has been awarded Sales Associate of the Year in 2011 & 2017 & the company’s Customer Service Award in 2013.

Before working in the real estate industry, Cissie worked on several free-lance projects, including Real Simple magazine’s “Get Organized New York,” a project to raise monies for New York City’s Fund for Public Schools. Her professional background includes a decade as a consultant & human resources professional with Andersen Consulting in New York.

During Cissie’s time with Andersen Consulting, she had the opportunity to work & live in Hong Kong & manage a team of consultants from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong & The Philippines. By finding “common denominators” at a human level & creating an environment conducive to learning & laughter, too, she was able to facilitate a high-performing team. This experience along with a love of culture & extensive travel throughout Asia, Europe & Latin America, has inspired Cissie to get involved with the Global Scribes’ initiative.

Cissie is a native of Nashville, Tennessee & holds an M.B.A. from the Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University & a B.B.A. from the University of Mississippi. She & her husband resided in New York City & Tampa, Florida before moving to the charming, equestrian town of Aiken, South Carolina. A lifelong volunteer & fundraiser for organizations including Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club, Lenox Hill Neighborhood House & New York Junior League in NYC; Hitchcock Woods Foundation, Equine Rescue of Aiken, STAR Therapeutic Riding & Driving & Aiken Center for the Arts in Aiken, SC., she enjoys long walks with her two dogs; learning the game of court tennis, art & music.

Susan Callister Beer

Susan Beer is the Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Turtles & Ravens LLC. Its guiding philosophy is that paintings are a universal language & a catalyst for communication which go beyond all borders. Through her own foundation, she has worked with such not-for-profits as Trees for Life & Books for Life, the Micro-Credit Summit & the Grameen Bank, Four Worlds International & others focusing on the poorest of the poor in developing countries. She is, also, the co-founder of a not-for- profit at the United Nations encouraging the families of diplomats to become involved in volunteerism as well as a not-for-profit to build schools in Africa. She has served on the Board of a hospital & of a university & lectured to high school seniors on education & employment opportunities. She is a longtime member of the Women’s International Forum.

Beyond this, Susan has managed companies in the financial industry, founded a seasonal handicraft business & written a book upon her husband’s passing titled MOVE ON WITHOUT ME encouraging those who have experienced loss to move on with gratitude for what was, remembering to remember & transforming where necessary negatives into learning experiences. Susan is a native New Yorker & holds an M.B.A. from Long Island University. She is, also, a global citizen with an extended family of godchildren representing diverse nationalities, cultures & beliefs/ traditions from Christian, Buddhist, & Native American, to Hindu, Muslim & now with her business partner, Judaism. Her totem or insignia since the age of 4 is the turtle. She teases that you may forget her name, but you will never forget her large turtle pins. With her ever-present philosophy of “everything ventured, everything gained,” she is always ready to fly, to experience something new–to do!

Roberto Dutesco

Roberto (born June 6, 1961) is a Romanian-born Canadian artist, photographer & filmmaker. He travels & works worldwide & resides in his three homes, in Montreal, New York City & São Paulo, Brazil.

Roberto (born June 6, 1961) is a Romanian-born Canadian artist, photographer & filmmaker. He travels & works worldwide & resides in his three homes, in Montreal, New York City & São Paulo, Brazil.Dutesco began his career as a fashion photographer in Montreal, Canada. In 1994, he shifted the focus of his work to long-term personal projects that explore his environmental interests & natural subject matter. His photographs of the landscapes, wildlife & horses of Sable Island have been on permanent exhibition since 2006 in Soho, New York City, at two locations (initially at Wild Horses of Sable Island Gallery 13 Crosby Street & presently at 64 Grand Street). Roberto is also the Founder of I AM WILDTM.

Denise C. R. Santomero

Denise CR Santomero is the founder and owner of Rabbit Hill Farm, an organic farm featuring orchards of apple, plum, pear, peach, cherry, persimmon and pawpaw, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, a variety of vegetables, native flowers, hay fields for the horses, guinea hens, egg laying hens, and seasonal maple syrup and an apiary for honey production.

When not farming, Denise is working with various not-for-profit groups such as her board work with Westchester Community College, notably their Veteran’s Program that does equine therapy both at her farm as well as a nearby barn. She is also on the boards of Untermyer Garden Conservancy, The Native Plant Center, the Bedford Garden Club, and several local sanctuaries. Other board memberships include the Boys and Girls Club, The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), The Junior League, the Northern Westchester Center for the Arts, among many others.

Farming, education, gardening, children, animals, and the arts are but a few of the interests that engage Denise. What weaves all of these disciplines together for Denise is her opportunity to share her passions with a diverse group of people. Denise and her husband Camillo maintain internships for students seeking to expand their knowledge of agri-business, finance, horticulture, animal husbandry and the rescue of abused animals. They have created internships designed specifically for Westchester Community College’s Veteran’s Program as well as local students who can apply at will.

Denise and Camillo have three children, two of whom have been Scribers, and who remain involved in various capacities. When not working at the Farm or on boards, Denise can be found in the sky flying her airplane to visit her children and bring them fresh produce from the Farm.

Board of Advisors

Edward T. Chaney

Ed Chaney advises tax-exempt organizations on a broad range of tax & corporate matters, including organization formation, structure & governance, ongoing tax & regulatory compliance, investment of charitable assets, & complex organizational structures & transactions. At Schell Bray, PLLC, Mr. Chaney’s clients are located across the country & have included private & community foundations, donor advised fund sponsors, colleges & universities, community economic development organizations, charter school management organizations & a variety of other operating charities.

Mr. Chaney graduated with honors from the University of North Carolina School of Law. Prior to attending law school, Mr. Chaney worked for ten years in the non-profit sector, serving in a variety of staff & board positions. Mr. Chaney practiced in the tax-exempt organizations group in the Washington, DC office of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius before returning home to the Chapel Hill area, where he now lives with his wife, Mandy Hitchcock, & their children. He speaks & writes frequently on the law of non-profit & tax-exempt organizations.

Gerald (Jerry) W. Hopkins

Employment History

Retired (2009 - Present)Honorably Retired Presbyterian Church USA Minister (2008 – Present)

Founder & President, Worldwide Insurance Services, Inc. (nationwide 3rd party administrator & insurance agency for international students & traveler. Also a division of HTH Worldwide), Fairfax, Virginia. (1997 - 2009)

Founder & President, International Group Services, Inc. with offices in Maryland, Virginia & New York. (Started as president of International Group Services, sold this company to AVEMCO & appointed president of International Group Services, Inc., Hinchcliff International & Brooks-Shettle Company during tenure. International student health insurance 3rd party administrator & agency.) (1992 - 1997)

President, Membership Services, Inc., McLean, Virginia. (3rd party administrator & insurance agency for CHAMPUS & Medicare supplemental plans) (1991 - 1992)

General Counsel & Director of Finance, Randmark Management, Inc. (3rd party dental insurance administrator), Washington, DC. (1986 - 1991)

Vice President of Operations/ General Counsel, Consumers United Insurance Co. (Life & health insurance company specializing in CHMPUS & Medicare supplements), Washington, DC. (1981 - 1986)

Associate Attorney, Dix & Thompson, Fairfax, VA. (1980 - 1981)

Executive Director, Community Ministry of Fairfax County (a social advocacy organization of churches focusing upon affordable housing, problems of the elderly, drug abuse & criminal justice), Fairfax, VA. (1968 - 1979)

Assistant Minister, Rockville Presbyterian Church, Rockville, MD. (1968 - 1969) Ordained as Presbyterian Minister (1968)

“Read for the Law” passing Virginia Bar Exam on first try, 1976 – 1979.

Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, NJ, Master's Degree in Communications, 1964 – 1968.

Davidson College, Davidson, NC, AB, Psychology, 1960 - 1964.

Kim Moke

The American Kim Moke has built a solid career in the performing arts & education throughout America, Europe & Asia. Her goals for establishing high quality standards in the arts has evolved through her experience as a performer, choreographer, teacher, director, arts administrator, artistic director & businesswoman. After a higher education in dance, theater, painting & design at University of Kansas & Arizona State University Kim moved to Chicago to dance with Joel Hall. She choreographed & taught movement for the renowned St. Nicholas Theater – artistic brainchild of David Mamet & William H. Macy. Only a few years later she was performing & teaching at Radio City Music Hall & Broadway Dance Center in NYC. Though engagements at the ISPO in Munich & the RAI in Rome – she found her way to Europe & her commitment to teaching as a career.

She founded the Stage School Hamburg, a nationally known performing arts institution, where she spent 25 years training & developing young artists. Through her representation & engagement for advanced education of young artists, Kim has had television interviews with RTL, ZDF, RTL, Sat 1, & taught on the international TV talent series Fame Academy. Over the years she has been quoted in numerous European publications regarding the development of musical theater in Germany. She created the Billstedt Project which benefited talented youth in an “at risk” community & the teenager Young Talent Program based on team-teaching in the arts. She has lectured about the globalization of Musical Theatre at institutions in Chengdu China, Hamburg & at NYU in New York City. The Hamburg Ministry of Culture honored her by asking her to participate on a cultural exchange with St. Petersburg, Russia. Kim is presently International Vice President & a long-term member of MTEA – Musical Theater Educators Alliance – an international organization for education in musical theater & has dedicated the past 10 years to creating exchange programs in Germany, Russia, Italy, China, Korea & the USA. She has created projects with Porsche, Astra Seneca, The National Academy of Chinese Theater Arts, Stella Adler Studio of Acting, Dance Masters of America, The National Academy of Chinese Theater Arts, Junge Kammertheater Moscow, The Hamburg American Consulate, Katholische Academie Hamburg, the Ronald MacDonald Haus & many others.

She is currently the owner & Executive Director of Stage Consult International – an agency for coaching & mentoring which facilitates the development of creative talent in individuals, education & business. Her present focus is on global exchanges & lifetime learning for artists. Kim’s mission is to inspire & encourage people to progress.

Viraj Abayarathna

Viraj is an Avid GNU/Linux user and promoter. He Has 16 years of industry experience in building Linux based systems onshore and offshore. He contributed enlarge to the Linux evolution in Sri Lanka. He also contributes for the development of various technology domains such as Internetworking, Open Source Software, Security Best Practices, Systems Interoperability, Cloud Computing and Mobility etc.

Viraj has worked for several local and global IT organizations for number of years and moved as an initiator and a trend-setter in new technology businesses. Currently he serves as the Founder/ CTO of Rype3 Ltd, a leading Sri Lankan Cloud company.



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